Most businesspeople use several different tools and devices to communicate.  At a minimum, you probably use a phone at your office, a cell phone and email.  Many also use services like instant messaging and Web conferencing.

Very simply put, Unified Communications (UC) “combines” all of these technologies to allow you to better and more seamlessly communicate and collaborate with fellow employees, business partners, and customers.

It’s important to note that UC isn’t one tool, but rather a suite of solutions that brings together a wide range of communication and collaboration technologies.  While UC can be as simple as getting faxes and voice mails in your email, solutions that truly unlock the power of unified communications are aimed at delivering a rich, real-time communications environment.

Why should I care?

Whether you’re a sales person, executive or IT manager, you’re likely to be on the go constantly – Whether it’s roaming the corridors of your building, working in different locations, working from home or on the road.  UC solutions can help you get more done more quickly.  They help you stay connected and collaborate more effectively with your customers, coworkers and business partners, regardless of where you are.

Depending on where you are and what environment you’re in, your preference for the device (desk phone, IP phone, cell phone, smartphone, computer) and method you use to communicate (phone service, email, Instant Message, etc.) is likely to change.  Of course, most people you’re communicating with are in the same boat.  So, while it’s convenient to have a wide range of communications tools, it can be clunky and cumbersome to remember different numbers, check different voice mail systems, send and receive emails, keep up with IMs – All in different programs and devices.

In a nutshell, UC can help you be more productive by enabling you to seamlessly unify these devices and means of communicating.

Here are just a few examples of how ETA has utilized the power of Unified Communications to help our customers boost productivity and enhance collaboration – Without having to replace their existing phone system (regardless of what type it is!):

  • Empowering you to choose who can reach you and how with truly
    customizable, seamless call control.  For example,
    you can create a “Busy, but let VIPs through” status on your PC
    that sends all calls to your voice mail except for, say, your top
    customer and boss – Who are sent right to your cell phone.
  • Reducing the cost and administrative burden of managing
    company cell phones by providing one number where
    employees can always be reached, regardless of location.
  • Speeding up customer response times by leveraging robust
    availability information that quickly identifies employees
    with the right skill sets to handle specific customer issues.
  • Enabling you to make any location your office by providing
    the ability to make any phone (home phone, cell phone,
    smartphone, phone at a customer location etc.) instantly
    become your work extension – With the ability to transfer calls,
    use company voice mail, etc. – Exactly as you would at your
    traditional “desk phone.”

These examples may be powerful, but they’re really just scratching the surface of what UC can do for your business.

To learn more about how ETA’s Unified Communications solutions can help your business boost productivity, improve communications and help you work smarter, check out the following white papers and then give us a call or use the “Reach Out Today!” form at the side of this page.  We’d be happy to help answer any questions you have about how UC can help your business.