The economic downturn has put a laser focus on value and ROI, especially when it comes to investments in business-critical technology. Tighter budgets and the need to “do more with less” have forced companies to ensure the money they spend on technology has a tangible effect on improving their business.

This is where the traditional “product resale” model comes up short. In this model, your business purchases the latest state-of-the-art technology with all kinds of exciting features and capabilities – And ends up using only a tiny fraction of them. This leaves most companies with a wealth of capabilities but very little improvement in results. To make matters worse, to take advantage of new advances in technology, you often have to fork out substantial upfront capital to upgrade or replace an aging system.

It’s clear that this “Old Way” of owning technology simply doesn’t make sense – especially considering today’s financial reality.

The value of technology is in its use, not its ownership. The hardware itself is a poor capital investment because it loses nearly all of its value before you sell or dispose of it. By investing your working capital into depreciating assets, you eliminate the potential for that money to generate positive cash flow back into your business.

At ETA, we believe your technology should work for you. It should improve how your business operates and ultimately help increase income. That’s why we developed an innovative managed services model for business phone systems and IT solutions that helps companies take advantage of the latest advances in technology without having to invest significant upfront capital in depreciating assets.

ETA MyWay™ – Unique Managed Phone System Program

Several years ago, ETA had the foresight to create MyWay™, our innovative managed services program for business phone systems. For one monthly fee, MyWay™ enables companies to select the specific technology that meets their needs, without the financial burdens of ownership.

MyWay™ helps free up capital and overcome budget limitations by eliminating the hefty downpayment, maintenance fees that increase annually, and significant replacement costs associated with traditional purchase programs. This empowers MyWay™ customers to tailor their business communications platform to their exact specifications – Something they often otherwise could not afford to do. MyWay™ also empowers you to take advantage of advances in technology as you need them, without having to lay out large sums of cash to replace your existing hardware or costly upgrades.

PoweredUp!™ – Managed IT Services

ETA’s PoweredUp!™ suite of Managed IT services empowers companies to take advantage of Enterprise-class business continuity, network security, and productivity tools at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. We do this by managing these services for you for one low monthly fee. That means there’s no expensive equipment to buy, manage or maintain, software patches to worry about, or extra staff needed for administration. Plus, we work with your IT staff or outsourced IT team, not in place of them. You get all the benefits of the latest technology without the burdens of ownership. Check out the PoweredUp!™ section on our Website (under the “Solutions” drop down) for more information.