CLR Design, an international zoo habitat and exhibit designer, had a faulty VoIP system in place that dropped calls and had issues with latency. They needed a better solution.

CLR’s internal IT resource, Dan Gregory, was managing finger pointing between carrier, vendor, and his internal team to resolve the situation. Then, ETA Linc Partner, Parallel Edge, CLR’s outsourced IT partner, asked us to weigh in using our assessment process.

Based on ETA’s original hours invested, we believed the current internet service provider (ISP) infrastructure was not going to deliver required reliability. The client realized this assumed technology is the life’s blood of the organization, but much more complicated than they could tackle internally.

ETA described the marketplace and, based on their network, explained what providers could deliver along with various cost options.

Next, we took ownership of the project, implemented a new solution, and aligned with their IT partner, Parallel Edge, to build a more fluid approach.

Now that ETA had become a trusted CLR ally, we sifted through ISP providers for their new west coast office. This allowed for coast-to-coast sharing of essential design data without the client wasting valuable resources researching unknown vendors.

In concert with Parallel Edge, ETA is now building a seamless, real-time wide area network (WAN) for CLR Design to heighten collaboration and efficiency, leverage their current infrastructure and provide the best-fit solution for their budget. And, the best part for Dan is that we can save him more hours in research and education so he can focus on business development.

All in all, a beautiful ending to a beastly IT problem.

VoIP Solution for CLR

Creating animal exhibits that mimick the call of the wild, for international zoological clients, is CLR’s mission. Creating a call experience for CLR and their clients with a reliable VoIP solution is ETA’s passion. Tune in to see how ETA stopped dropped calls and enhanced productivity.

Consultative Approach

Ever been on safari without a tour guide? It’s overwhelming and easy to get lost. That’s what CLR experienced when searching for IT solution providers. Watch and learn how ETA’s consultative approached helped CLR map out a strategy to find the right providers, the right solutions, and the best prices.

West Coast and Virtual Office Solution

CLR builds interactive animal habitats from offices located in two urban jungles. With staff and assets housed on the east and west coasts, connectivity and virtual office solutions are key to CLR delivering flawlessly executed projects on time. See how ETA made that all possible.” – is for bridging offices virtually.