From its humble beginning as a forum for programmers to share code with each other in the 1980s, the Internet evolved to become a vehicle where anyone could easily disseminate information and collaborate, regardless of geographical location.   Over the past few decades, the Internet has grown from a patchwork of individual networks used by a… Read More

It goes without saying that our region is in the midst of one of the worst winters we have ever seen.  Dangerously low temperatures, frequent power outages, and travel nightmares have led business owners to rethink the way they operate during such winters to stay productive and meaningful in the business world.  Many have turned… Read More

Back in January of 2013, we created a list of three technology trends that we felt would be game-changers throughout the year. The first was the adoption of mobile technologies as the primary means of communication.  Users have found ways to mobilize just about everything in their lives, empowering them to be more productive, efficient… Read More

“This call may be recorded for quality assurance.”  We’ve all heard it before, but what does this actually mean, and how can this quick message strengthen your customer experience and help keep you out of harm’s way?  Back in June of 2013, we discussed how contact centers exist in just about every business.  While it… Read More

Last October, Gartner predicted that 2013 would be the year that mobile devices overtook PCs as the most common Web access tool. Though we’ll have to wait until the end of the year to learn if this prediction became reality, with the ever-increasing adoption rate of mobility technology, including smartphones and tablets, it’s safe to assume that… Read More

  Over the past few years, “The Cloud” has revolutionized the business communications marketplace. While many businesses once avoided Cloud-based VoIP due to concerns about reliability, call quality and functionality limitations, it has now become the delivery model many organizations view as their first choice when evaluating a new solution.   However, though Cloud-Based VoIP… Read More

With the start of every New Year, there are countless “Top” lists predicting what will be the year’s biggest and most significant technology trends. There’s always a lot to grasp on these lists, so let’s take a moment to briefly break down a few of the “Top Trends”, specifically ones that impact your business’ communications… Read More

The world of business technology has seen the rapid evolution of many products and services in the past few years, including virtualization, Cloud services and the expansion of different types of cabling infrastructure. As a result, businesses today now have a wide range of quality, cost-effective options to choose from when it comes to building… Read More

Like most of the telecom world, we’ve been discussing Cloud-based (Hosted) phone systems, and how beneficial they can be, quite a bit lately. But just because the Cloud is a hot topic right now doesn’t mean premise-based PBX/VoIP solutions are a thing of the past. In fact, premise-based systems are alive and well and are still… Read More

Cloud-based (Hosted) phone systems provide easy online administration, don’t require the installation of a server and are a cost-effective way for businesses to get rich VoIP functionality. And since the provider is responsible for ensuring system maintenance and upgrades are performed regularly and are in line with the latest in technology, these types of solutions… Read More