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Infrastructure runs the applications that process daily transactions, handles the customer information that yield market intel, and supports the analytical tools that help executives and managers make and communicate decisions that shape their businesses.

In fact, IT infrastructure is responsible for much of the growth and increasing productivity of business support companies, for-profit industries, charitable institutions, and just about any organization under the sun.



American Executive Centers: Business Continuity During Relocation

American Executive Centers, an executive-suite company, brought ETA on board to close their Exton, PA facility to open a new, state-of-the-art office in Malvern, PA.

Because many different businesses rely on American Executive Centers’ reception services to represent their company and field their incoming calls, a fully-functioning integrated phone system was critical during the transition.


Conicelli Auto Group

Conicelli Auto Group is a renowned multi-franchise auto dealership in Southern Pennsylvania. The company is a diverse and ever-expanding business.

As a full-service facility, Conicelli prides itself on delivering excellent, high-level customer service with streamlined and reliable communications.

Dissatisfied with their communications provider putting their reputation and profitability at risk, Conicelli switched to ETA.

Philadelphia’s Gift of Life Donor Program

Philadelphia’s Gift of Life Donor Program (GLDP) coordinates organ donation and transplantation in the tri-state area.  Working with nearly 150 hospitals and handling 50,000 calls annually to vet fatalities, for potential organ or tissue donors, places heavy demands on the non-profit’s IT infrastructure and personnel.

Because of ETA’s support, GLDP has a dependable, streamlined telecom carrier services, recording capabilities, and an efficient, accountable call center that treats every call as a life-or-death situation, because it is.

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